Saturday, 17 November 2012

Concept Painting - Secret Lair

The collection of images below demonstrate the process used to create the secret lair concept painting for the solar goddess, highlighting the various techniques combined together to construct the final concept, image #6.

To begin the digital concept painting, I first sketched the basic shapes of the items within the image, a series of five sculptures, and the cylindrical shape of the room they are located in.
Once the initial rounded wall was in place, I focused on creating the fiery exterior of the lairs location, at the centre of the Sun, and transforming the cylindrical perspective into a spherical appearance, curving the struts of the glass ceiling to create the perspective.
I soon ground in some basic colours, signifying each statues' elemental goddess, at this point, focusing more on the central sculpture's detail, as it is the representation of the solar (or fire) goddess.
Completing the initial shapes of the sculptures, blocking in the colours, I soon focused on sketching the details of the object, placing a ball of fire at the base of the central sculpture and the textured appearances of the other sculptures, to signify their individual elements.
Finishing the details of the mid ground sculptures, my focus changed to the qualities of the structure of the room, focusing on creating a depth to the image, and completing the sculptures that are present in the foreground.
Once the glow effect had been added, my attention was diverted to the casting of shadows, the emitting of light and the reflective surfaces of the entire room, resulting in the final completed image (#6).

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