Saturday, 17 November 2012

Online Greenlight Review - Secret Lairs

Online Greenlight Review - Secret Lairs

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  1. OGR 18/11/2012

    Hey Jebb,

    Wow - that's some back-story and I loved that little folkloric idea about seeing your sun goddess dancing in the flames...

    Okay - so, a couple of concerns/suggestions. Essentially you've distilled your environment down to a central section that is dominated by human figure sculptures. Now I know I've encouraged students not to think about the limitations of Maya when designing these spaces, but it does seem to me that you've subordinated some of the more archtectural/digital set emphases of this unit (which is designed to move novice Maya users away from the human form - at least for now). Simply from a cinematic point of view, you've established this interior space in the heart of the sun, but really, you're only showing us a very 'domestic' view of it - I want to know what's happening around and above her - hence my suggestion you look at orrerys, which use simple arcs to convey spaces. I'm certainly not strong-arming you into using these examples, but I am encouraging you to think more architecturally about this interior space; because essentially, you've got 4 statues in a round room gathered around a human bonfire - okay, I'm simplifying, but you get the gist. I don't think you're thinking as speculatively about 'space and environment' as the brief suggests you should. By way of an example,

    I'm wondering if you're getting too hung up on your character? The reason I suggested you look at solar arcs were as 'blueprints' for creating an architecture for your Goddess's environment - something suitably splendid. Can I suggest you deal with the aspects of the environment not included in your final thumbnail? What is this space actually constructed like?

    Let's see some 'interior architecture-centric' thumbnails, Jebb, otherwise you're going to spend weeks trying to create human effigies in Maya - and you may find that you're off brief - and hugely frustrated!