Friday, 16 November 2012

Concept Painting - Hero Prop

The images below demonstrate the process used in order to create the final concept painting of the character's hero prop, the magical amulet that  provides the Solar Goddess with her power.

To begin the painting, I drew the design in the objects simplest form, to gain an idea of it's appearance.
As I found the layout rather simple and boring, I decided to change it placing the hand of the Chief God holding the amulet, as he passes it to the Solar Goddess. I then began to paint over the original image, on another layer, to create a basis for the detail to be applied to.
Image #3 depicts the amulet fully painted with basic details, in preparation to apply more specific detail.
With the amulet completed, I soon began to focus on the details of the hand, using the same technique as the amulet, filling in the outlines with colour before adding detail.
In order to finish the piece, above, I added a light effect, that is emitted from the amulet due to its power, and a simple gradient to the background.

As the glow of the amulet was too sharp, I used a Gaussian blur effect, also changing the opacity, to create more of a glow effect.

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  1. You have a nice design for your hero prop, and the final concept is decorous to your character. I like your idea, but I think maybe using an outer glow effect on the amulet along with the airbrush preset from Phill could provide you with a stronger light to show off your design in finer depth.