Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Concept Painting - Secret Lair

The images collection below demonstrate the process used to create the final concept painting for the secret lair of the Solar Goddess, which is located at the sun's core.
 1. Outline Image
In order to achieve the correct object placement of the image and accurate perspective, I created a simple line drawing to highlight where the objects will go and how it would look.
 2. Block Image
Once the outline was complete, I began to add colour to the image.
 3. Glass Effect
As the image is an external view of the lair, I chose to design the lair to be created from glass, in order to see the interior objects, forcing me to attempt to create a glass effect for the lair.
 4. Opacity and Texture
Along with the glass appearance, I altered the opacity of the fiery central sphere layer, in an attempt to produce a reflective appearance on the glass effect.
 5. Sculptures and Fire Effect
Creating the sculptures in a previous concept painting, I copied the images, rescaling them and placing them in the correct locations of the lair, before manipulating the background, using the smudge tool, to create a spiked fiery effect to imply the external surface of the sun.
 6. Glow and Texture
Seeing as the character is a Solar Goddess, I felt that there should be an emitting glow from her glass lair to represent the solar powers, focusing on the reflective surfaces and the glass central sphere. Based on the five elements of feng shui, I chose to place several representative textures on the rotating bands around the central sphere.
7. Final Concept Painting
 To finish the final concept painting, I placed beams of light emitting from the sculpture located in the middle of the central sphere.

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