Sunday, 11 November 2012

Digital Thumbnail Sketches - 3 & 4

These images (below) are a pair of digital thumbnails of my character's secret lair at the core of the sun. The first image is of the interior of one of the rooms, with large glass windows and the placement of a hero prop design, a hovvering fire globe of the Earth, where the goddess can witness her effects and influences on the Earth. The second images the exterior appearance of the lair, surrounded by the gases of the sun.

 1. The Globe Room.

2. Secret Lair Exterior.

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  1. Evening Jebb,

    Okay - I've got some suggestions for you for maybe lending a bit more impact and wow to your thinking about this space. Right now - while the minimalism has a sense of grandeur about it - I can't help encouraging you to think a bit more speculatively about designing this space. For example, in terms of creating some amazing, circular sort of interior spaces, how about looking at orrerys for inspiration:,_2009-11-24.jpg

    You could also look at the arcs, shapes and curves described by actual solar flares as a means of creating some wonderful architectural elements in your lair - quite literally, tracing the curves and using them to build spaces, places and things...

    and also, when looked at your thumbnails - all that glow and swirls, I couldn't help but think of the glass work of Dale Chihuly:

    Certainly, I'd think more about the architectural forms shaping and creating your interior, Jebb - take a look at those orrerys and sun flares for some inspiration - oh and look at geodesic structures too!