Thursday, 15 November 2012

Thumbnail Sketches - 28-40

The series of images (below) are thumbnail sketches for my secret lair, located at the centre of the sun, with a sculpture room, and an external view of the lair (without the surrounding solar gases).

 To create a more deity-like appearance to the lair, I decided to design a room where there are sculptures of each goddess, representing water, wood, earth and metal, four of the five feng shui elements. There is also a large sculpture of the chief god above the doorway. The other images, #28, #30, #31 and #32 are experimental variations of the main sculpture, the solar (or fire element in feng shui) goddess.
The above images, #33 to #39, are sketched designs for the exterior of the secret lair, which will be mainly made of glass to create an unusual glow on the interior objects. The entire lair will become totally encased in the gases of the Sun, becoming the power that hold the flames in position. These thumbnails were inspired by the appearance of both orreries and solar flares, resulting in the bizarre rings that rotate around the central sphere.
The final thumbnail, image #40, is the resulting image from the combination of all my previous hero prop designs, which was culminated by placing the fiery orb, from digital thumbnail sketch #3, The Globe Room, at the base of the sculpture, and the magical amulet, from thumbnail sketch #7, around the statues neck.

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