Saturday, 3 November 2012

Influence Maps - 1-3

I have created the three influence maps (below) to aid me in designing the secret lair of my character, gaining an understanding of the character (top),the use of the prop (middle), and the exterior appearance (bottom).



 Lair Exterior


  1. Hello,

    Is your character going to be feminine or masculine? Broad and strong, or Slender and still powerful?

    You're thinking of a circular lair, too!? THAT would be cool... the exterior would be like one of those Maze games where you just spin the ball and the ball goes on a journey on the plastic within the ball. Yeah... that would be a really good idea.
    If not then, that's still cool. :D

    1. To answer your questions,

      I have decided that the character shall be entirely consisting of flame, but with a slender feminine physique held together by a magic amulet worn around her neck, created by the chief god, using the flame to represent life and power, yet a hint of destruction at the same time.

      I was thinking of having the character live in a circular lair, with many windows, located at the core of the sun, encased in fire, with another hero prop, a well with a glass dome on top, containing a pool of flames, that draws the flames around the lair.

      Thanks for the comments, how's your project coming along, and how was your presentation?

    2. I like the amulet idea - very cool.
      The lair idea sounds good, and the hero prop sounds like a gravity thing?

      I didn't present, but the project is done - finally.
      My Secret Lair stuff is going fun! Looking forward to doing loads more stuff to it! Too many ideas, not enough time! :/

  2. Hey Jebb. Reading that description of all fire and power immediately reminded me of my gaming past. Within 'TombRaider Anniversary' there is a character called Jacqueline Natla. She's essentially a God, of sorts, but also the key villain. The final battle sees her with a look that rather sounds like your description. I have no idea if this will be of any use to you but here's a youtube link to the cinematic in question (the pictures on google were too tiny :/) .
    Only watch the first 33 seconds though, the rest is the level walkthrough :D