Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Life Drawing - Session 1

Below are the first series of images I have created during Life Drawing sessions at UCA Rochester:

The first image (above) is my depiction of the focus on the area around the model rather than the model themselves, which is why I chose to display the objects and other artists as silhouettes.

The second image (above) is a series of quick sketches of the model posing in a variety of stances.

The final image (above) is a simple line drawing of the model posing.


  1. Hey Jebb - great stuff - you're one of the first out of the blocks in terms of putting your work out there! More please! :D

  2. Hey Jebb,

    Hows you project coming along?

    As you know, we have a green light review coming up on the 11th and part of the criteria for our presentations is to show our creative partnership archive.

    If you have any work to upload get uploading, or we can chat within our group on a day everyone is in so we can start providing feedback for our partnership archiving! :)