Sunday, 21 October 2012

Thumbnail Sketches - 44-62

The series of images (below) are several thumbnail sketches of concepts for the library and the saloon/museum interiors aboard the Nautilus.


  1. Some really nice thumbnails in here Jebb - I like 69 - very grand. With these spaces, think maybe about some artistic license. For example, these are spaces inside a submarine, so maybe you could think of building in some glass viewing portals or glass roof elements to allow the submarine factor to contribute to what is exciting and unusual about these interiors. You might want to think of mirroring the shape of the nautilus itself - i.e. more streamlined or domed or circular geometry/construction?

  2. Hi Jebb, have some really nice thumbnails going on here :)
    thumbnail 46 and 48 shows a really interesting composition in terms perspective. I also love the designs in 59 and 62, could see it developing into a strong piece :D